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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  September 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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here is one of several stops the pope will be making during his trip here to the big apple you can see there are a lot of crews here in action behind us, they are making last- minute preparations a lot of them have been here before dawn and we've been talking with them and a lot of people in the area it seems as though the people who are around here every day are the most excited about his arrival. >> people that never went to church will be out, it is not fair. working across the street from saint patrick's cathedral, sees them walk through during his daily visit for morning prayer this he says will be the ultimate. as you can see got my holy water, so i'm very religious, i go to church every sunday and every day, i would love to see him. >> i have to get my hair done, well, listen a couple things obviously there is a lot of last-minute details.
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timothy says he'll be one of the first faces to greet the pontiff when he arrives. i'm doing intense prayer i said from the beginning our holy father comes as an apostle. he'll begin his tour of new york with an evening prayer service thursday where the cardinal will be host. friday morning the hope will give a speech at the u.n. general assembly, onto a memorial service and east harlem where he'll visit lady school. his motorcade will make his way through the central park mass friday at 6:00 at madison square garden. all of the events requiring tickets to get in. >> he is so much younger and more vocal than any of our other popes. i think he has changed the catholic church and will continue to. as workers make final
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arrangements. >> pretty excited. >> they too are excited to be part of such a historic visit last. >> we need prayers. >> already here at saint patricks we've seen that security is extremely tight we saw police early this morning do multiple sweeps of the building, and you know this area midtown traffic is always bad at this hour it will be that much worse later this week with all the street closures and frozen zones officials are saying that everyone should do their best to use mass transit thursday, friday, and saturday. reporting live this afternoon outside saint patrick's cathedral, cbs 2 news. pope francis has another
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on a 10-day -- to cuba. he followed that with a ride in his popemobile and then celebrated open air mass in the city. >> the pope has chosen his words carefully during his three-days in this economist country on his arrival he called for greater freedom for the church at his mass with cuban president looking on, he told the crowd to serve one cuban analysts carlos doesn't believe the pope will let pastoral message. >> he won't be you know hard line pushing, no. that's not how the church is going to work this. francis heads to the u.s. ever. yesterday the vatican released
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to pilgramss. and go to washington d.c. and new york city. and another mass in the city of santiago and other families. we'll begin with his arrival on saint patrick's cathedral, and arrive on his mass at madison square garden friday night. the new jersey police officer involved in a deadly wrong way crash on statin islands pleads not guilty to the charges, emily. >> reporter: mary, pedro posted $25,000 bail and then walked out of the courthouse and got into the back of black suv. we got earlier video of him,
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turning himself into the 120th precinct this morning he is on crutches and at times in a wheelchair recovering from injuries six months ago in a fatal wrong way cash. he faces vehicular homicide and other counts where police say he drove his honda civic the wrong way crashing head on with a tractor trailer. his blood alcohol was threetimes the legal limit as he and three others left a staten island strip club. two passengers died joseph rodriguez and fellow police officer frank. today he pleaded not guilty his lawyer spoke to out front as he left in the suv. >> he is upset, as upset as you would expect somebody to be. he's, you know, this wasn't fun and games, he's upset. another. >> as part of the bail deal he
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prison. we're live from staten island. a cabdriver is shot and killed in the bronx the victim of a violence weekend in the city there have been 10 shootings and 8 murders in the five boroughs since saturday. >> police showed up at east 189th street and beaumont avenue at 1:30 after getting a 911 call. that's when they found 39-year- old man shot in the head behind the wheel of his cab which then slammed into another car. his pregnant wife and mother of three children breaking down at the scene minutes later. supported by friends and family stunned over this killing. >> what was your reaction when you got the call about your brother. >> i didn't know what to do really when they are calling me i cannot even work. my little brother.
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the gunman and they agreed on the fair. when the passenger changed his mind and wanted to go to a further location, police say the cabdriver asked for more money that's when the man open fire and ran off. investigators say at the time berry had been on the phone with his brother who heard the argument then the phone went dead after a loud bang. >> he loses the family lose him, lose my brother. >> after the shooting the victim's fellow cabdrivers say they are nervous to get behind the wheel because the suspect hasn't been caught. we have nothing to protect ourself. where are the cops at these wee hours of the night? where are the cameras around these streets in the bronx and in east new york and jamaica queens and upper manhattan? he is the eighth person killed in new york city since saturday night. police looking for all suspects in all incidents including this
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of killing three men at the ingersollhouses off myrtle avenue. the commissioner just spoke ability about the weekend. >> the cabdriver situation, several of the others, we'll investigate them. community leaders say they've had enough of the violence and wanted to stop. in the belmont section of the bronx, alana gold cbs 2 news. blake will meet with the mayor and police commissioner this afternoon, blake was slammed to the ground and handcuffed outside a manhattan hotel september 9th, mistaken for another man who went later crime either. the officer involved had been placed on desk duty but blake fired. a long island principal said she had no idea what she was getting into when she
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agreed to star in a hip hop video. >> the assistant principal is hearing a lot of criticism, the video is from the song best friends, seen handing over the keys to her home later a pool party breaks out with scandally- dressed men and women and lots of drinking and drugs, she had no idea the video was going to be so raunchy. she called the video vulgar and demeaning. there is a lot more still ahead on cbs 2 news at noon, river rescue almost 20 people plucked from the east river when a boat capsized what was happening when it flipped over. >> frustration is taking its tole from the middle east trying to get to western europe when they get passed one border crossing they get trapped at another. a national push to make sure the stone wall in is recognized at the birth of the gay rights movement. it is a little cool for a pool party today, believe it or
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not, as we head into fall we're going to backtrack into summer
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a dragon boat crew, the boat capsized off college point throwing all 19 crew members into the river help came quickly and everyone was wearing a life jacket so no one was hurt. right before the boat flipped over, 2 crew members took the plunge quit literally getting engaged after surviving this, they can survive anything. a fishing trip turns into a dramatic rescue for a family in texas flames and black smoke billows into the sky from a yacht off the coast of galveston, three adults and a child were on the boat when it burst into flames shortly after leaving the shore a good samaritan quickly came to the rescue. >> the whole boat was in flames i went up straight up close to it yelling throw the kid, throw the kid. >> it was near accident, we are very grateful and we definitely had angels sitting on our shoulders watching over us. >> everyone on board escaped safely it is unclear what
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started the fire. authorities in croatia are struggling with the migrant crisis, 20,000 refugees entered the nation since hungary closed the borders last week . >> reporter: the frustration is taking its tole tensions not between the country and they migrants themselves. in croatia, now a major refugee root, authorities laid on a train nobody was going to wait for a ticket. things don't get more orderly when the refugee wave crashes up against the next barrier in this case the border between croatia and slanvenia. they are now bringing buses to move through towards austria. here again families get separated the stress especially on the kids, approaches the breaking point.
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they are moving but it isn't quick and it isn't pretty. he is from syria. matter of days. this latest wave of migrants has left its mark on the landscape and on the reputation of governments. >> now building a border fence here where refugees have been crossing for several days, their message, don't come. croatia. and coming up have you seen the end of summer weather yet?
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. firefighters in northern california trying to tackle another raging fire, saturday already damaged or destroyed several homes, this weekend residents joined fire crews trying to fight back the flames and save their homes more than a dozen fires are currently burning across the drought- stricken state. a location that gave birth to the gay rights movement could be a national historic park.
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located on christopher street the senator represented jerry nadler, it was the scene of a 1969 uprising helped launch the gay rights movement. earlier this summer it was a new york city landmark. time to get to your weather to see what we can expect in the next few days kind of a nice comfortable day out there. blustery, absolutely a fall preview day, good afternoon, hello to you, hello to my weather watch, i'll tell you for duty. 65 for the north shore in through the central spine, 69, 71 in staten island, 64 for the jersey shore. a lot of folks in the low to mid-60s at best, tammi thompson has 67, this comment, a beautiful breeze today, oh yeah, it is breezy out there, watching the cloud play through the screen, i just want to share a few other pictures gorgeous work this morning i love this from mike bush, a
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sign of fall there when you see the change in the color there, beautiful color, charlie capturing that, this from walter is spectacular a sign of the season, and alana just sent this in from brooklyn, look at that. you can tell there is a lot of movement in the atmosphere, breezy out there, and a little on the cool side in the city right now, again the observation from the park, 68 winds are up to 22 miles per hour in the park usually more of a protected observation, some of the area airports been 28 miles per hour wind gusts it is a blustery wind. numbers around the area just filling in, 59 to 69 about that for a spread, these numbers compared to yesterday 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to 7 degrees cooler, and dew points are lower as well. not conducive to rain, could see a little sprinkle south but not a lot of coverage at all 73 the anticipated high right where we should be, nowhere near the record of 95.
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deadly hurricane that raced through our area. pollen count not too bad, up a bit as we look into wednesday and thursday, another sign of the season, you just swapping things out the cloud-play up above with the gusty winds more in the way in orange and rock lynn county, expand the view and get a sense of the low to our south and a building high to the north and west. so here is what we see over the next few days. could see a little bit of sprinkle activity tonight, more cloud cover than anything else, you see a little green dancing on the screen, but then you also see the clearing take- over, so into wednesday and those key days thursday and pressure winds which is some good news for the pope's visit, bad for your backyard. but definitely nice and dry for the most part for much of the week, it is just going to be 80 when fall rolls in. all those clouds out there looks like no rain. to find out the weather
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time emmy awards. fi gesouptnsitth faesinrn a wfiaiblfr 5to00pb anwee t stalngwnad wrealngqu upadpes,oo yocaupadou fari veoupo fteth cleusitthfi milap u n ewouenrtnmt he,r t gbuthma rsotoetio 'rrad mb 1n stertiacon
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rit w,et0 g osteettv pnearngt 9. aon,arte f t yrsuset35ba wh tw argrme.t t t pt.etio . a historic night for one actress at the emmys. >> i feel like i won the amazing. took home the award for both supporting actress, this is her seventh emmy win and the award ties her with ed, mary tyler moore for the second most wins of all time. also making history last night, game of throwns the hbo drama madman to win best prime
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time drama. the show's 12 total emmy wins is the most won by a tv series in a single year. you have seen the emmy winners and the fashion but you haven't seen what happened afterwards coming up tonight beginning at 5:00, cbs 2 takes you inside the best emmy after parties big changes for some new yorkers at the airport, why you may soon need more than just your driver's license to get on a plane. those stories much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. and that's it for us at noon for john and the entire news team thanks for joining us i'm mary calvin, we'll see you
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